Consulting Services


STRADA Consulting is a retail-focused consulting firm specialized in planning, buying and distribution business processes and systems.  STRADA offers a full range of services, including retail process consulting, software development, solution selection, and resource management.

At STRADA we are problem solvers - experts at uncovering a retailer's specific needs and developing practical solutions to their business challenges. STRADA prides itself on providing well thought-out, forward-looking solutions that integrates well within our clients' environments.

At STRADA we help you refine or develop your retail processes so that as a retailer you may get the most from every business decision made.   The goal is to learn from every business decision by standardizing business processes, making them repeatable and isolating them from other influencing factors all without removing any of the creativity that is necessary in the retail world.


Retail is a series of decisions all aiming to meet goals that are very often expressed as high level metrics such as Comparable Store Sales, Sell Through Rates and Inventory Aging.  It is easy to measure the overall performance of a channel, a product or collection but often times it is difficult to differentiate between individual decisions and from outside factors such as seasonality, weather and fashion trends.  At STRADA we believe that at its core, every solution must have as its purpose a way of educating so that we determine if the business process or decision needs to be replaced, adjusted or dropped completely. 


Every solution's purpose is to solve a problem or to meet a goal.  Very often the issue at hand is easy to describe but there is often a struggle to determine how best to address it.  At STRADA we believe in putting out rapid solutions that we may immediately learn from and adapt via an iterative process to meet the needs of our clients.


Any solution must always fit into a retailer's business processes seamlessly without impacting the overall process flow or introducing business calendar delays.  Integrating solutions from a business flow and from a system integration point of view is important so that they are easily adopted by the community.

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